Auburn AL Family Session – Beasley Family



This fall session with the Beasley family was so fun! These two adorable kiddos toughed out the cold weather so well!

golden hour family session

mommy and son daddy and son mommy and daughter young baby on blanket

little boy running

Thanks, guys, for a great session! I enjoyed meeting you and these precious babies!

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Town Creek Park Family Session – Auburn AL



Town Creek Park was the perfect setting for these three families! Their children are all about the same age, and they’re just as cute as can be. We were able to get together during an Auburn home game weekend when everyone was in town to capture these families, and we even found a few early fall colors! auburn al family photos family photo with dog small girl with parents town creek park family photos children friends on a bench little boy photo auburn al family photographer little girl photoThank you so much for letting me photograph your beautiful families! You have three precious children!

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Auburn University Family Session – Traweek Family

This was such a fun family session! Auburn University is a gorgeous campus, and I don’t think enough people take advantage of its beauty. This family comes to Auburn for all the home football games, so the Ole Miss Halloween game was no exception. They even got to participate in some trick-or-treating! You may have seen them as Coach Gus with his Gus Bus and some cheerleaders downtown. What a precious costume! Coach Gus even got to spend some time on the field Saturday. war eagle family photo toomer's corner familyauburn family session daddy walking with daughters daddy with son mother holding her daughter young boy sitting on stairschildren photos at auburn universityfamily photos auburn university parents photo at auburnauburn family photographerlittle girl near flowers little girl holding flowerThank you so much for letting me capture your family in a location so special to you! Your photos will be on their way soon!

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Auburn AL Birth Photography – Welcome Baby Garrett!



Nicole knew baby Garrett wouldn’t make it to his due date, and boy was she right! She texted me early in the morning to let me know she was in labor and they were headed to the hospital. Judging by her labor signs, I thought it would be a good idea to head over as well, and I was right!birth photography auburn alwoman in laborNicole had delivered her first three sons with epidurals, but she wanted to try delivering Garrett without the use of pain medication. This sweet nurse helped her get settled in the room.
husband supported birth

As soon as she was able, Nicole labored standing at the end of the bed. She was in the zone and was very good at controlling her breathing and staying focused.husband helping wife in labor

Unsurprisingly, Josh was such a great birth partner! He worked hard to help Nicole in any way he could. tight grip during labor

Including having his hand strangled! 626 723husband kissing wife after birth

This was just moments after Garrett was born! I took my first photo at 6:26 am, and he was born at 7:23. first moments with new baby

Garrett had one good set of lungs! He immediately made his presence in the world known.father cutting umbilical cordbirth photography

Nicole was blessed with a wonderfully sweet mother/baby nurse that helped check out baby Garrett.brand new baby checkup

I included this color photo because Garrett had such good color! He just looked like such a healthy baby from the moment he arrived!minutes old babydad photographing new baby

Daddy immediately set to work letting everyone know he was here!parents meeting new sonskin to skin after birthdoctor congratulating new mother

Dr. Smith did such a good job caring for Nicole and working to give her the birth she wanted to have. He came and checked on her and congratulated her on a job well done. I highly recommend him as an ob-gyn!getting to know new babynewborn on scalenewborn checkupdaddy meeting sonnew baby footprintsnew baby cryingdaddy kissing new babydad kissing new sonpush present for mommyI loved Josh’s beautiful gift to Nicole! The moments after the birth when all the hustle and the bustle is gone is one of my favorite parts. Just mommy, daddy, and baby!color photo newborn babynewborn sucking fingers

Little Garrett didn’t mind having his photos taken one bit! He did really enjoy chewing on those little fingers though.fresh 48 babymommy holding new sonparents kissing new sonparents and new baby

This was a candid moment as we were waiting to move to the mother/baby room. I thought Garrett’s face was precious!
parents with new baby

Another sweet moment as we waited for family to arrive!baby welcome bassinetbrothers meeting new baby

Big brothers were so excited to meet their baby brother!four sons one family

Tate had lots of cute things to say, including “It’s our baby!”. These boys will be great big brothers! Brooks noticed that Garrett’s new hat looked “a lot like Cam Newton’s!” and Evan had no desire to ever let his baby brother kissing new brotherCT2A0531 copyCT2A0541 copy

Congratulations, Josh and Nicole! I’m so excited to watch you raise another beautiful child. Thank you for allowing me to photograph this special moment for you!

To learn more or to have your birth documented, call 256.497.6578 or email me at

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Town Creek Park Family Session – Auburn AL Family Photos



I really enjoyed photographing this sweet family back in April! I’m not the best at blogging my family sessions, so I’m glad I finally set aside some time to share these! I loved getting to know this family and their adorable boys! Big brother loved his baby bro – it was so easy to photograph them together! As usual, Town Creek Park provided a lovely setting for this session. It’s a great park to photograph in, and it’s also great for personal enjoyment! I’m so glad they added a new dog park… we really need to check it out!brothers laying on blanketfamily photo near creekyoung baby photo sessionbrother holding baby brotherLook at that sweet kiss!brothers on blanket
boy portrait by pondBig brother was so photogenic! Every photo I took of him here made him look so grown up!family photos bridgeparents with childrenThanks so much for asking me to photograph your family! Also, thanks to one of my favorite doulas, Ashley, for sending them my way!

Fall is quickly coming and that means photo weather! It’s the perfect time to update your family photos and even start thinking about Christmas card photos. Contact me today to schedule your family photo session: 256.497.6578 or

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Atlanta GA Birth Photographer – Charlotte’s Birth Story



For her third child, Charlotte knew she wanted to have a natural birth. She chose the See Baby midwives that work at DeKalb Medical in Atlanta. Early Wednesday morning, she was fairly sure she was in labor and let her doula, Kristin, of Peace In Birth Doula Services and myself know that it might be the day! As soon as she was certain, we all headed to Atlanta.see baby dekalb birth
This was my first birth that took place over an hour from my home. Because of that, we planned for me to head to the hospital as soon as she was in labor and it worked out perfectly – we arrived at the exact same time, despite coming from different cities.

birth contractions in hallway

As soon as I saw her, I knew it was going to be a quick day! The trip to the room took longer than usual, as she had to make a few stops for contractions.


Kristin did a great job helping Charlotte as everything was prepared for her to labor in the birthing pool.

dad helping wife in labor

There’s not a lot a husband can do while his wife is in labor, but Rob did everything he could think of to support his wife. It was beautiful to see his sacrificial love!

mother smiles in laborRob also provided some smiles in between contractions!


Eventually the birthing pool was ready, and Charlotte was eager to get in. Things began progressing quickly after she was in the water.

PaulaDavisLifestylePhotographer-6PaulaDavisLifestylePhotographer-8PaulaDavisLifestylePhotographer-9father delivers son

Rob caught sweet baby Justin as he emerged in the water! It was a sweet moment.father delivers sonwater birth caught by dadskin to skin after birthBaby Justin got some immediate skin-to-skin after birth.

mother holding newborn sonCharlotte got a good look at her brand new son in the birthing pool.


Justin was named after one of his father’s friends who died in Afghanistan, Justin Allen.

mom holding new son in birthing pool

Charlotte spent a few moments with baby Justin in the pool before moving back to the bed.

brand new babynewborn with support team

This was such a sweet moment! I loved how everyone was supporting the mom and newborn baby.

dad cutting cord

They waited until the cord stopped pulsing for daddy to cut it.

skin to skin with newborn sonnew mom and baby

Charlotte looked lovely after delivering her baby! Beautiful!

new family after birthnew baby being measurednew baby measurement20″ long!

new baby on scalebaby's first bath

Justin’s daddy was able to help with his first bath!

new dad kissing son

Afterwards, Rob got some snuggles with his new son.

son holding dad's fingernew baby toesI just love new baby toes! So long and precious.

siblings meet new brother48 hours later, Justin was able to go home and meet his new baby brother and sister! They were in awe of the little guy (and check out his adorable outfit!).

big brother meeting baby brotherbig sister holding baby brotherBig sister was in awe of the new baby! She didn’t want to let him down once.

baby meets the dog of his namesake

Another special moment was when baby Justin met Carolina, who was his namesake’s dog! It was so touching to see Rob’s desire to honor his friend.

new family of five

First family photo as a family of five!

Congratulations, Rob and Charlotte! Thank you for giving me the honor of photographing Justin’s birth! Your love for one another was evident during our time together, and you’re both inspirations for me!

To learn more or to book your birth story, call 256.497.6578 or email


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Hospital Day After Twin Birth Session – Hartsell Twins



These baby girls have been anxiously prayed for and awaited! They were in no hurry to join us, and it gave them plenty of time to grow and develop and they ended up being both around 6 lbs! They’re absolutely beautiful baby girls and each have their own distinctive features. Brad and Fallon had already become natural parents, it was so fun to watch them interact with their girls.
hospital day after birth session

Baby L was the first to be photographed and they both slept soundly almost the whole time I was there!fresh 48 birth session hospital birth session newborn baby feet newborn baby details

I love her precious newborn details! newborn baby lips

Baby V has the sweetest mouth! I love it. fresh 48 newborn newborn in hospital cradle brand new baby

She even blew some bubbles for her photos!hospital birth photos newborn baby toes dad with newborn twins

Daddy with each of his girls! newborn twins with dad fresh 48 twins

twin hospital birth mom with twin girls

Fallon looked absolutely beautiful the morning after their birth! mom with newborn twins parents with newborn twinsBrand new parents!

Thank you, Brad and Fallon, for letting me photograph your sweet, fresh new babies last week! As of today, they’re one week+one day old. I can’t wait to watch them grow!

To learn more or to book your day after birth session, call 256.497.6578 or email

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Columbus GA Birth Photographer – Adesza’s Birth Story




What a beautiful labor and delivery sweet Kevin’s entrance into the world was! His mama worked hard to meet her beautiful baby boy.

St. Francis Columbus

It was a beautiful day to enter the world!St. Francis maternity Columbushospital birth photographyAdesza had a great support system! birth photographerbirth photographybirth photographer

Encouraging her daughter along!

mom in laborbirth of baby

He’s here!brand new babyjust born babybrand new baby

His nurses took such good care of him.

baby by scalebaby being measuredbaby with grandma

Proud grandma!

brand new boynewborn toesSweet baby toesfirst bath

First bath

newborn footprints

first footprints


Kevin and Mommy meet for the first time!

CT2A0250birth photographerbaby meeting daddy

Meeting his daddy!

first sonbrand new baby

newborn babyCT2A0394It was such a joy to be part of this beautiful day! To learn more about birth photography, call me at 256.497.6578 or email me at Congratulations, Devin and Adesza!


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Auburn AL Sisters Indoor Lifestyle Session



I’ve photographed these beautiful little girls several times since they were born. It has been such a joy to watch them grow! We tried to make this session extra special and capture several different parts of the home, especially ones we had used before.

girl sitting on stairsI had so many favorites from the session, it was really hard to narrow it down. I love these sweet girls!

little girl with baby
girls in chair

this was our first photo in the chair!

girls sitting in big chair

and our second..

little girls sharing chair

and today! I love seeing how they’ve grown.

lifestyle children's photographerlittle girl near bedgirl near window

The window light in their Aunt Alison’s old room is just amazing!

redhead girl near windowgirl sitting on bedgirls jumping on bed

Jumping on the bed!

girls playing on stairs

I have so many favorites from them playing on the stairs. I thought this moment was especially sweet.

girl sitting on chair
little girls with lollipops

I’m now certain every session needs lollipops!

little girls with lollipopsgirl licking suckerlittle girl playing piano

Sharing her piano playing skills while her sister took a “break” from the session 🙂little girl in housesisters laughing

Being a sister is SO fun!

girls welcoming at door

Thanks for a fun session, girls! Be sure to visit the Facebook page to see more photos soon!


To learn more or to book your lifestyle session, call 256.497.6578 or email Lifestyle photography is a great way to capture your family living everyday life! Life is beautiful!



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Gaining Awareness About Birth Photography (Part 2)



Thank you for returning to learn more about birth photography! My first post can be seen hereI also wanted to share with you a few benefits of a hiring professional birth photographer that you might not have considered previously. 

Auburn AL Birth Photographer

Hiring a professional birth photographer allows your birth partner to be in the photos

This is often forgotten, because it is fairly natural to assume your birth partner can handle the photos, but in reality, it means they won’t be in the photos! A birth photographer can capture not only the moments you first meet your baby, but also those moments for them! What mama wouldn’t melt at the tears daddy shed as he met his child? As your birth photographer, I’ll capture both mama and daddy as they see their new little one!

Auburn AL Birth Photographer

Hiring a professional birth photographer allows your birth partner to enjoy the moment

Let’s be real. Most dads are not pro’s when it comes to using a camera. They’re also not always experienced with supporting mamas in labor. So why add one more duty to his list of things to do? Taking the camera out of his hands will (hopefully) free him up to be supportive during the labor, because he won’t be worrying about getting the shot. This is also a priceless moment for him, and he will be able to appreciate those special times without concern. 

Auburn AL Birth Photographer

Hiring a professional birth photographer allows your birth photos to be (extra) beautiful

With out a professional photographer, whoever takes those early photos will probably not be very experienced or have the equipment needed. Yes, those photos will be special to you no matter what, but a birth photographer uses her experience to capture the photos in difficult situations. The light is dim or varied, and without experience, getting a good photo in these conditions would be sheer luck. In addition, the editing work after the photos are taken provides additional support for photos taken in a tricky environment!

Auburn AL Birth Photographer

Hiring a professional birth photographer brings experience to the delivery room

 As a professional photographer, I have an awareness and understanding of angles and positions that are flattering and effective for birth photography. I know where to stand, how to crop the photos, and what aspects to include. These images go beyond a typical snapshot, and I believe they are truly works of art!

 I hope you a greater understanding of the beauty and value of birth photography. These are tender moments that should be enjoyed by you and your birth partner, and they should be beautifully preserved for you to look back on for years to come. Please contact me today to learn more about capturing these priceless moments at your upcoming birth!

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