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Your baby’s birth will be a very emotional event, and there will be many special moments that might pass by without someone there to capture them. As beautiful as I believe labor is, the moment you first meet your child is one of the most wonderful things you’ll ever experience. I want to help preserve that memory in photographs!

Every birth is different, but my “standard” procedures are as follows. I’ll be on call for two weeks before and two weeks after your due date. You’ll let me know as soon as you think you’re in labor, and I’ll head to the hospital when you’re measuring around 6 cm. I’ll photograph your labor, deliver, and capture about 1-2 hours after your baby’s birth. Before the birth, we’ll discuss the types of images you’d like to receive. Don’t worry, we can certainly keep it 100% modest if that is your fear! My birth packages start at $3000.

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