Atlanta GA Birth Photographer – Charlotte’s Birth Story

For her third child, Charlotte knew she wanted to have a natural birth. She chose the See Baby midwives that work at DeKalb Medical in Atlanta. Early Wednesday morning, she was fairly sure she was in labor and let her doula, Kristin, of Peace In Birth Doula Services and myself know that it might be the day! As soon as she was certain, we all headed to Atlanta.see baby dekalb birth
This was my first birth that took place over an hour from my home. Because of that, we planned for me to head to the hospital as soon as she was in labor and it worked out perfectly – we arrived at the exact same time, despite coming from different cities.

birth contractions in hallway

As soon as I saw her, I knew it was going to be a quick day! The trip to the room took longer than usual, as she had to make a few stops for contractions.


Kristin did a great job helping Charlotte as everything was prepared for her to labor in the birthing pool.

dad helping wife in labor

There’s not a lot a husband can do while his wife is in labor, but Rob did everything he could think of to support his wife. It was beautiful to see his sacrificial love!

mother smiles in laborRob also provided some smiles in between contractions!


Eventually the birthing pool was ready, and Charlotte was eager to get in. Things began progressing quickly after she was in the water.

PaulaDavisLifestylePhotographer-6PaulaDavisLifestylePhotographer-8PaulaDavisLifestylePhotographer-9father delivers son

Rob caught sweet baby Justin as he emerged in the water! It was a sweet moment.father delivers sonwater birth caught by dadskin to skin after birthBaby Justin got some immediate skin-to-skin after birth.

mother holding newborn sonCharlotte got a good look at her brand new son in the birthing pool.


Justin was named after one of his father’s friends who died in Afghanistan, Justin Allen.

mom holding new son in birthing pool

Charlotte spent a few moments with baby Justin in the pool before moving back to the bed.

brand new babynewborn with support team

This was such a sweet moment! I loved how everyone was supporting the mom and newborn baby.

dad cutting cord

They waited until the cord stopped pulsing for daddy to cut it.

skin to skin with newborn sonnew mom and baby

Charlotte looked lovely after delivering her baby! Beautiful!

new family after birthnew baby being measurednew baby measurement20″ long!

new baby on scalebaby's first bath

Justin’s daddy was able to help with his first bath!

new dad kissing son

Afterwards, Rob got some snuggles with his new son.

son holding dad's fingernew baby toesI just love new baby toes! So long and precious.

siblings meet new brother48 hours later, Justin was able to go home and meet his new baby brother and sister! They were in awe of the little guy (and check out his adorable outfit!).

big brother meeting baby brotherbig sister holding baby brotherBig sister was in awe of the new baby! She didn’t want to let him down once.

baby meets the dog of his namesake

Another special moment was when baby Justin met Carolina, who was his namesake’s dog! It was so touching to see Rob’s desire to honor his friend.

new family of five

First family photo as a family of five!

Congratulations, Rob and Charlotte! Thank you for giving me the honor of photographing Justin’s birth! Your love for one another was evident during our time together, and you’re both inspirations for me!

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