Auburn AL Birth Photography – Welcome Baby Garrett!

Nicole knew baby Garrett wouldn’t make it to his due date, and boy was she right! She texted me early in the morning to let me know she was in labor and they were headed to the hospital. Judging by her labor signs, I thought it would be a good idea to head over as well, and I was right!birth photography auburn alwoman in laborNicole had delivered her first three sons with epidurals, but she wanted to try delivering Garrett without the use of pain medication. This sweet nurse helped her get settled in the room.
husband supported birth

As soon as she was able, Nicole labored standing at the end of the bed. She was in the zone and was very good at controlling her breathing and staying focused.husband helping wife in labor

Unsurprisingly, Josh was such a great birth partner! He worked hard to help Nicole in any way he could. tight grip during labor

Including having his hand strangled! 626 723husband kissing wife after birth

This was just moments after Garrett was born! I took my first photo at 6:26 am, and he was born at 7:23. first moments with new baby

Garrett had one good set of lungs! He immediately made his presence in the world known.father cutting umbilical cordbirth photography

Nicole was blessed with a wonderfully sweet mother/baby nurse that helped check out baby Garrett.brand new baby checkup

I included this color photo because Garrett had such good color! He just looked like such a healthy baby from the moment he arrived!minutes old babydad photographing new baby

Daddy immediately set to work letting everyone know he was here!parents meeting new sonskin to skin after birthdoctor congratulating new mother

Dr. Smith did such a good job caring for Nicole and working to give her the birth she wanted to have. He came and checked on her and congratulated her on a job well done. I highly recommend him as an ob-gyn!getting to know new babynewborn on scalenewborn checkupdaddy meeting sonnew baby footprintsnew baby cryingdaddy kissing new babydad kissing new sonpush present for mommyI loved Josh’s beautiful gift to Nicole! The moments after the birth when all the hustle and the bustle is gone is one of my favorite parts. Just mommy, daddy, and baby!color photo newborn babynewborn sucking fingers

Little Garrett didn’t mind having his photos taken one bit! He did really enjoy chewing on those little fingers though.fresh 48 babymommy holding new sonparents kissing new sonparents and new baby

This was a candid moment as we were waiting to move to the mother/baby room. I thought Garrett’s face was precious!
parents with new baby

Another sweet moment as we waited for family to arrive!baby welcome bassinetbrothers meeting new baby

Big brothers were so excited to meet their baby brother!four sons one family

Tate had lots of cute things to say, including “It’s our baby!”. These boys will be great big brothers! Brooks noticed that Garrett’s new hat looked “a lot like Cam Newton’s!” and Evan had no desire to ever let his baby brother kissing new brotherCT2A0531 copyCT2A0541 copy

Congratulations, Josh and Nicole! I’m so excited to watch you raise another beautiful child. Thank you for allowing me to photograph this special moment for you!

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