Gaining Awareness About Birth Photography (Part 1)

Understandably so, many people in our area are unsure about birth photography. Hiring a photographer to be in the delivery room is not very common around here, so it makes sense that so many families are unfamiliar with how it works! I wanted to have a few blog posts that address common questions or misconceptions and some of the benefits of birth photography to help provide some insight into this wonderful option!


“I don’t want anyone photographing THAT…”

Don’t worry! These photos can be completely G-rated. Some mommies want the moment the baby comes captured, but most prefer to have me up by their head, photographing their baby when the doctor holds them up and sets them on her chest. I use extreme modesty in choosing what photos to share publicly. Even if you choose not to share your photos, these are a treasure you’ll want to look back on. These are moments your friends and family will love to share in, and neither you nor they will be embarrassed by what (if) we share.


“We would like it to just be the two of us in the delivery room.”

I completely understand and respect that. I want to emphasize that I will be a fly on the wall in the room – you won’t even notice I’m there, and I won’t utter a peep, if that’s what you would prefer. I will not create artificial moments; I will capture events as they happen from the background. Consider the help a nurse provides to you during labor and delivery, and consider photography as another service provided to you. I’ll be completely unobtrusive, as I understand how important keeping your focus during labor and a positive birth space truly is.


 Before you say the final “no” I simply ask that you watch Anna’s birth story video to understand the value and emotions that are captured with birth photography. If you have another questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d love to discuss birth photography with you, even if you’re not sure if it is for you. I really believe capturing your baby’s first moments professionally is a priceless moment that you will always treasure.